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The International Christopher Marlowe Conference

University of Exeter

7th – 8th September 2015

Marlowe head

‘The International Christopher Marlowe’ is a two day academic conference devoted to exploring the international contexts, both historical and contemporary, informing the work of the English poet and dramatist Christopher Marlowe (c.1564).

Please see our Schedule for the full programme and video and audio recordings of the papers.

Highlights of the conference included:

  • A Keynote address by Professor Alan Stewart (Columbia).
  • Papers on a range of topics relating to Marlowe and international politics, Italian philosophy, performance and translation, Marlowe’s representation of the ‘international’ or ‘global’, and the reception of Marlowe’s works outside England.
  • Speakers include Richard Hillman (Tours), Matthew Dimmock (Sussex), Lisa Hopkins (Sheffield Hallam), Catherine Gemelli Martin (Memphis) and Rosanna Camerlingo (Perugia).
  • Conference dinner and drinks reception.

For further information about the conference and the International Christopher Marlowe Project please contact us directly with any queries at

Edward Paleit, University of Exeter (Lead Researcher on ‘The International Christopher Marlowe Project’)

Jasmine Hunter Evans, University of Exeter (Project Facilitator)