Outcomes and Feedback

We ran the 1 Tamburlaine / royal power workshop for the following groups:

1. Exeter School (years 10 and 12)
2. Isca Community College (year 10)
3. 2nd year Drama students at the University of Exeter
4. PGCE English students at the University of Exeter

Alongside the general workshop aims, the 3rd and 4th workshops aimed to give potential teachers of drama some guidelines for devising workshops themselves.

We received some very useful feedback for this workshop. Below, you can find a small slide show of mind-maps recorded by groups at Exeter school following the workshop; a video of PGCE students performing and then discussing the workshop (note: beware of the sheep!); and some quotes from 2nd year drama students at Exeter.



‘I’ve never had much teaching on how to facilitate [workshops] before … I’m considering creating work like Splendid’s and with to run sessions for young people after graduating.’

‘I’ve learnt to be specific and to think about why I choose certain things. Also it was interesting to tackle a piece of Early Modern Drama through games and exercises. It will help me engage with a group better and become better at running a workshop.’

‘I learnt lots of approaches to a workshop that I had not thought of before […] Really enjoyable! I have taken away a lot.’


‘I loved how every exercise we did had some meaning and significance behind it. It was very interesting how it made us think why we represent in the way we did […] I would also like to add that the environment felt safe and it was easy to become engaged’.